About Us

Decorum of Dedication

Sam & Beaulah
Church Pastor

Founder of our church NEW WAY NEW LIFE MINISTRIES is pastor Samuel Easupatham born and raised from a traditional Christian family, with the thirst & hunger for God's word, God redirected him to join spiritual Holy Spirit ordained church led by Holy saint late.Sister Sarah Navaroji . Though he was working in a private sector, Pastor quenched his thirst for God's work by actively participating in church activities like village ministry, Tracks ministry, Dawn preaching, hospital ministry during 90's. Pastor is blessed with sister Beaulah his wife, who has a love for God's work, heart for needy and compassion towards orphaned children. Pastor Beaulah was working as a teacher in a private school in her earlier days before coming into ministry. On God's calling, both Pastor Sam & Beaulah left their job with God's promising them with verse II TIMOTHY 2: 21 & came for full time ministry. From that day ,they not only preached about faith but they also made a habit to walk in what they teach others. God has blessed them with two daughters & two grandkids.

Our Church:

By God's Plan , we started our church on 31st of march 1997. Named the ministry according to God's revelation to us in the verse Hebrews 10:20.n

Statement Of Faith

The Bible is the mind of Christ and is the inspired, the only infallible authoritative word of God. There is one God manifested in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The reality of Satan and his present control over unregenerate man does exist. Christianity is based on the following:

  • The deity of our Lord Jesus Christ, and His virgin birth.
  • His sinless life.
  • His miracles.
  • His vicarious and atoning death through His shed blood.
  • His bodily resurrection.
  • His ascension to the right hand of the Father.
  • His personal return in power and glory as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

The fall of man and his lost estate, which make necessary a rebirth through confession and (immerse Baptism through the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit) belief in the Lord Jesus Christ.

The reconciliation of man to God to God by the substitutionary death and shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The resurrection of believers unto everlasting life and blessings in heaven, and the resurrection of the unbelievers unto everlasting punishment in the torments of hell.

The present supernatural ministry of the Holy Spirit who bestows the spiritual gifts of: The word of wisdom, The word of knowledge, Faith, Gifts of healing, Working of miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of Spirits, Various kinds of tongues, Interpretation of tongues, in and among believers on the earth since the day of Pentecost and continuing until our Lord's return.


we always had a heart to reach different parts of the country & to nations to preach the gospel and so we were praying and waiting for God's timing. God promised us with mark 16:15 in the year 2000. He fulfilled our heart desires by taking us to north eastern India in the year 2008 as our first mission trip. Glory to God! God begin our international trip by taking us to United states in the year 2009.God touched many souls & people gave their lives to Jesus by repenting their sins. Many sick were healed & bondages were broken by the blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah to Jesus!! And thereafter God is taking us to various countries around the globe which includes interior parts of Africa & Middle East countries according to His will & purpose.


  • To win thousands of souls for Christ
  • To plant churches in different parts of country
  • To start the Bible school
  • To equip & train leaders to preach the word of God
  • To start old age homes & orphanages
  • To provide free education for under privileged kids